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STORYBOARDS - A wide variety of visual treats in all styles and for all subject matters.

AD COMPS - A tasty array of graphic solutions for the printed and digital sell. Concept to finish.

ILLUSTRATION - Each a masterpiece for your visual taste buds.


FINE ART - For the Finer side!


POTPOURRI - A compote of concepts, set designs, paintings, and sketches.

BIO - A little something about the
cook and the kitchen.


CONTACT - Make a reservation or order take-out from Graphic Gumbo.

Presentation Art​​

Illustration. Storyboards.

Ad Design. Art Direction.

Ben Bensen's Graphic Gumbo is a storyboard and Ad Design Studio specializing in Presentation Art.

A picture is worth a thousand words a phrase that describes what I do for a living. I create visuals for presentation. For over twenty years, whether the medium is slide shows, Power Point, stand alone displays, videos or storyboards for broadcast commercials, I help agencies visualize and sell their ideas through traditional as well as the digital media. As one art director once told me, “you seduce the seducer.”


Storyboard clients include: Toyota, Acura, Honda, Ford, Cadillac, Paramount, Avco Embassy, Disney, EA Games, Apple, Miller Lite, Heineken, What-A-Burger, Burger King, McDonalds, Nestle's, Hilton Hotels, Northwest Mutual Life, Pet Smart,

Lockheed and more.


A compote of comp and finish illustration clients include: NFL, MLB, GMC, Delta Airlines, Walmart, Vicks, Disney, National Geographic Society and the United States Air Force.

Ad Design

Set designs, logos, kiosks, slide presentations, character development, plein air paintings and sketches are the ingredients to this potpourri.


Tasty designs for print or presentation include: Contadina, Sacramento Kings, Toyota, Warn, Singapore Airlines, Apple, Cesar, Honda and Lockheed… to name a few!

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