STORYBOARDS - A wide variety of visual treats in all styles and for all subject matters to help sell your broadcast ideas. 

AD COMPS - A tasty array of graphic solutions for the printed and digital sell. Concept to finish.

ILLUSTRATION - Each a masterpiece for your visual taste buds.


POTPOURRI - A compote of concepts, set designs, paintings, and sketches.

BIO - A little something about the
cook and the kitchen.


CONTACT - How to make a reservation or order take-out from Graphic Gumbo.

Presentation Art​​

Illustration. Storyboards.

Ad Design. Art Direction.

Ben Bensen's Graphic Gumbo is a storyboard and Ad Design Studio specializing in Presentation Art.



A compote of comp and finish illustration clients include: NFL, MLB, GMC, Delta Airlines, Walmart, Vicks, Disney, National Geographic Society and the United States Air Force.

Tasty designs for print or presentation include: Contadina, Sacramento Kings, Toyota, Warn, Singapore Airlines, Apple, Cesar, Honda and Lockheed… to name a few!

Ad Design


Set designs, logos, kiosks, slide presentations, character development, plein air paintings and sketches are the ingredients to this potpourri.

A picture is worth a thousand words a phrase that describes what I do for a living. I create visuals for presentation. For over twenty years, whether the medium is slide shows, Power Point, stand alone displays, videos or storyboards for broadcast commercials, I help agencies visualize and sell their ideas through traditional as well as the digital media. As one art director once told me, “you seduce the seducer.”

Storyboard clients include: Toyota, Acura, Honda, Ford, Cadillac, Paramount, Avco Embassy, Disney, EA Games, Apple, Miller Lite, Heineken, What-A-Burger, Burger King, McDonalds, Nestle's, Hilton Hotels, Northwest Mutual Life, Pet Smart,

Lockheed and more.